Feet go numb randomly
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. asleep easily and if Im sitting my leg or foot gets numb and tingly as well. My hands and feet also get cold soo easy and toes sometimes go numb.

Diseases & Conditions Question: Why Does Drinking Beer Make The Left Side Of My Face Go Numb? I do not drink beer any more but it usually made me numb all over .

Best Answer: Usually, you feel this familiar sensation after you've been putting pressure on part of our body -- sitting on a foot, sleeping on an arm, etc. When you .

What might be causing your toes to go numb when walking? Toe numbness may be due to shoes that are too tight or too small, but may be due to peripheral .

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So when I wake up my hands are completely numb and tingly for about a half hour. Then throughout the day my Feet go numb randomly feet randomly just go numb, but not tingly.

I am wondering why my right arm randomly goes numb for no reason at all. I don't lift anything heavy or anything of that sort, so what could it possibly be?

Medicines & Treatments Question: Why Did My Left Knee Go Numb All Of The Sudden? Hi, there. My knee has been numb for the last two years. At first it started as a .

my face and arms are tingling and numb

Best Answer: that might mean you have poor blood circulation. . well it's probably the fact Feet go numb randomly that if you sit in the same Feet go numb randomly position for a while then your arm or leg .

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